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A Truly Unique Group

Zelma's Farm has a unique and varied cast of characters.  From Joel the mini pony to the five hens, 

each animal brings their own distict voice and personality to the farm (and the site).


Joel the Pony

Joel  the mini pony

Lady the Horse

lady  the paint full size horse

Elmo the Pig

elmo  the pot bellied pig

Winnifred Pearl

winifred pearl  the pot bellied pig

Gracie Cheer the Goat

gracie cheer  the pygamy goat

Henry the VII the Gander

henry VIII  the gander

Trueworthy Treasure the Rooster

trueworthy treasure  the rooster

Father Abraham the Gander

father abraham  the gander

Casper and Felix the Twin Cats

casper and Felix the twins

Queen Bea

queen bea  the bee

Coming soon!

The Hens

Ena, Ina, Ona, Una, and Ern  the hens

Molly the Lab

molly  the yellow lab

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