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Zelma's Farm Children's Book

The Zelma's Farm children's book is available now!   Please contact us to order immediately, or preorder on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Braille edition coming soon!

“Zelma's Farm,  is a beautiful picture book for both adults and children that tells the story of a girl's dream to cultivate a farm where nature and animals are lovingly nurtured. In these beautiful pages, you will  see the heart of a farm and you will feel the heart of a farmer. Intricate details of nature and farm life are explored in the text, while their beauty is painted on the pages. Children will want to read this over and over!”

- Karen Morton, Wellspring Worship Center 

“When you pick up the book Zelma's Farm you are instantly aware of a peace and calm that the pictures and story convey.  The beautiful artwork combined with the story of redemption as Zelma cares for so many animals needing a home, takes the reader to a place of nurturing love and respect for God's Creation.  Families will read this book over and over and it will become richer and more meaningful each time it is picked up and read aloud together.  What a special team, Zelma, and her husband, Bert, are in conveying a very special story of grace and healing in giving one's self for the well-being  of God's creatures.”  

- Vicki Strong, Vermont House of Representatives

"Zelma exudes God’s love from the minute you meet her.  She was interested in the story of Kay and I before the interview.  She asked us to pray before the interview.  This woman has a heart for God and the underprivileged both 2 legged and 4 legged.   She has an amazing story that is also the inspiration for the book Zelma’s farm.   Zelma is one of those women that will give you the coat off her back or her last piece of chocolate."

- Donna Feyen, editor of "More than a Review." 

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Buy on Norwich Bookstore, our local retailer!


Zelmas' Farm Cookbook

Zelma's cookbook has just arrived!  Inside you'll find delicious, homecooked recipes from Zelma's kitchen.  All proceeds are donated to Vermont Right to Life Foundation. Check out a preview of the blueberry pie recipe below, or download our Strawberry Rhubarb Pie recipe!

SONG book

The Zelma's Farm song book our next big project!  We will be publishing within the next few weeks.  Check back regularly for updates!

fiona and trueworthy

Fiona and Trueworthy is another book about the animals of Zelma's Farm!  There is a mystery happening at the farm and only our two favorite fowl can get to the bottom of it!  Available now on, Barnes and Nobles, and Norwich Bookstore!

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