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Zelma comes from three generations of farmers. She has been taking in rescue animals on her own farm for thirty years. An accomplished artist in her own right, she has exhibited her woven willow sculpture and paper/vine construction at the Smithsonian, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in juried craft shows, and in galleries. Active in overseas mission work with The Tomorrow Club and in community volunteer organizations, she is mother of three, grandmother of eight, and married to Bert Dodson.

"My name is Melanie. I am a co-leader of Girl Scout Troop 10659. Becky gave me some beautiful coloring books for our Troop and I think they were donated by you. I just wanted to thank you so much for them. Our girls loved them so much. We learned a lot about animals, how they provide milk, eggs, wool for us. We learned how to take care of the things we value."




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