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Gran Goose's Adventures Across the Ocean!

I love the surprises in adventure! Let go of control, jump! Trust in someone you love to find the adventure! It’s so fun! I’ve been gone eighteen days and flying ten thousand miles to Lushjne, Albania and staying at the Victory School and then on to a Roma community school in Prokuplje, Serbia. I took a route through very beautiful country of Montenegro to get there.

I was teaching English with my good friend Peggy, and I taught art, music, skits, sports and the love of Jesus with the Tomorrow Club team comprised of each country’s teachers and translators. I taught thirteen 6 to 9 year old children every day.

It has been a year since I’ve seen my Ukrainian best friend, Olga. She recently flew to a remote place in Mongolia called The End Of The World! She took the photos of my classes so you can see the beautiful children I taught every day.

I read them the book, Zelma’s Farm so they could see where I am from. They loved the beautiful pictures that Bert painted! Superhero gives opportunities to serve and glorify Him. If we don’t take them we lose opportunity for His blessing.

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